Zodiac applied to a World Map

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Using the pyramids of Giza as the representation of the belt of Orion, the zodiac was applied every 30 degrees around the world.

Of note: Taurus points away from the Milky Way galaxy, Scorpio points toward the center of it.



– Currently working on linking and completing the below locations, regions and/or constructions that appear to be related to the associated constellations. The association is in sometimes in shape, idea, event etc..

Aries: India’s North West border and the Northern Himalayan border.

Orion: Egyptian Empire 1400 B.C. – 1500 B.C., club arm reaches over the Mediterranean Sea, shield arm extends up the East Mediterranean coast.

Taurus: Persian empire 490 B.C., The shape of the empire is of horns wrapping around coast line of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The opposite end is the Eastern border of Iran. Between the ‘horns’ there is a volcanic island Thera that experienced a very large volcano eruption in the past. In the constellation there once was a star between the horns that went supernova, now known as the Crab Nebula. There are some countries in the region whose flags resemble horns with a star or stars between them.

Gemini: ??

Cancer: possibly crab fishing off the West coast of Africa?

Leo: Mouths of the Amazon River in Brazil, maybe something else entirely

Virgo: Statue of Liberty, 40.6892° N, 74.0445° W

Libra: possibly Pyramid of the Sun & Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico… maybe Easter Island too

Scorpio: ??

Sagittarius: ??

Capricorn: ??

Aquarius: possibly the Philippines

Pisces: ?? Yin Yang ?? maybe Malaysia or Sumatra and Java



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Esoteric Christmas 360

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The ‘perfect circle’ is consider 360 degrees. Discovering why it is considered perfect is a worth while pursuit.

The sidereal year is 366.24 days.

Christmas, December 25 is for the celebration of the birth of ‘christ’.

Christ = crux = cross… this is the 1st cross

Subtract 6 days from the year and you will end up on December 25. Day 360 of the year.

If 360 is considered ‘perfect’… then we can assume that all ‘days’ beyond 360 are a departure or moving away from perfection.

So that means… currently the orbit of the earth departs from the concept of perfection by 6.24 days.

Now consider the meaning of 666… or 6.66.

6.66 from this perspective would be the furthest point from perfection.

It does not take much research to know where this number is assigned and in what manner it is used and understood.

With that we can see how close the earth is to its furthest point from perfection. 6.66 – 6.24 = 0.42 day

The big question here is… is the earth approaching this point or moving away from it?

The answer would lie with determining if the length of the year is getting longer or shorter.

Currently, the time for 1 rotation of the earth to complete (1 day) is increasing. By 1.7 milliseconds per 100 years.

This increase in rotation results in a reduction of the number of days in a year.

Eventually the current length of sidereal year 366.24 will become smaller, becoming 366.23, 366.22 and so on until we reach 360.

Perhaps it will become less than 360… to the same extent it became higher than 360?

Last side note… the re-birth of christ (cross) is Easter. This is the 2nd cross… There is also a 3rd cross… that relates to Taurus.



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Moods, metaphor, symbols & jewelry

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Metaphor. Seems to be the perfect tool to obtain the meaning from very old texts. Today, something interesting suddenly made sense. It is about the purpose of symbology.

Being human we are constantly working on the external struggle of bringing the opposites inside us to a peaceful level… or maintaining it. These high mood levels always swing back toward the opposite mood to nearly the same level. My theory, is that high mood/emotional states are the reason symbols exist.

Here is the intertesting historical part that makes this theory so neat. Consider the relationship of women to family and society. Notice how it changes the further back in time we go? Generally more restrictive and isolating the further back in time we go. Less opportunity to talk and have beneficial conversations. Talking with someone is one of the best ways to maintain healthy mood levels through expressing thoughts and the feelings the generate.

This not only applies to women, but me too. There were fewer people in the world long ago. And everyone benefits from talking with others. This may also be the basis of whom we choose for our relationships. So anyway….

So a person that is isolated with few opportunities speak with others are left with their own thoughts with no outlet. This is where having a symbol that is the opposite of the troublesome thoughts/moods becomes useful.

By mentally focusing on the meaning of the opposite symbol… a person can manage their elevated/high moods levels. Having multiple symbols seems natural as a persson naturally experiences a variety of moods.

Also, it would be a natural progression for a personal symbol to grow beyond the confines of the privacy of a persons home. Over time symbols would become patterns in cloth for all purposes including clothing. Eventually becoming jewelry, so a person could manage their moods when not at home.

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Esoteric: Omission of Euclid

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Euclid Elements

Euclid’s book ‘Elements’ is the best instructional book on geometry that I have read.

There is one curious thing he seems to have omitted from his book.

From the beginning of the book the reader is led step by step on the use of the ‘point’, ‘line’ and ‘plane’.

The omittion is related to what has been practiced for the longest time. That a plane requires at minimum 3 points.

This is untrue. A plane can be defined by just 2 points.

Point 1:the fulcrum or center or point of origin
Point 2: the movement of a point around the fulcrum

The requirement is motion, of either or both points.

The plane defined is circular / oval.

So, if he included the complexity of motion, how would our perceptions have changed?

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Esoteric: Method to Create a Dialog between the Conscious & Sub-Conscious Mind

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Pick any media of any age and you could probably find a reference of some sort that describes what the Sub-Conscious Mind is as well as all the wonderful capabilities it possesses and it’s endless potential. But very little has been written about how to access and make use of our Sub-Conscious Minds.

Here is a method I accidentally re-discovered from sleep experiments. What is required to begin the practice is simply having uninterrupted time after waking from the previous night’s sleep. For myself, weekends were best.

It is based on the premise that we carry mental impressions from our day which are transferred to our Sub-Conscious Mind to process when we go to sleep. Sometimes these impressions are reflected in some form within our dreams.

Additionally, it appears that the Sub-Conscious Mind transfers it’s mental impressions to the Conscious Mind upon waking.

Together these two different states of consciousness could be considered a cycle.

Now to the method:

Upon waking it is important to not let yourself fully waken. Instead, stay at the edge where it is easy to just fall back to sleep.

Once there create a mental pattern of something your are working on. It could be anything that you would like resolve, improve, understand or know of. But with a feeling of it being a question, curiosity or concern.

The shorter the better as we are trying to stay close to the edge of falling back to sleep easily. A mental concept that is to complex or long will move you toward wakefulness.

Once you have the mental image formed hold it and allow yourself to drift back into sleep.

You will waken again. Just like the first time, stay on the edge of easily falling asleep.

Recall the mental image you formed previously. Has it grown, moved or progressed past the point you initially formed? Or maybe an answer comes to light? If not, try simplifying the mental image and try again.

If progress was made, form another mental image in the form of a question regarding what was provided. Hold the image in mind and drift back to sleep.

So that is the method that I use to create a dialog between my Conscious and Sub-Conscious mind. Here are a few things I noticed through practicing it:

– Simple small bite sized mental images seem to work best and take much less sub-concious time to process

– The Sub-Concious Mind seems to be able to process a very large number of possibilities in a very short period of time

– Sometimes no answer is given, instead a new direction of thought is provided

– Wakefulness does rise through the process and will at some point prevent drifting back to sleep

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Esoteric: Book of Genesis related to Greek Mythology

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Here is what appears to be a direct relationship between Greek Mythologies and the Book of Genesis (KJV). Here are the first 12 verses. After that it seems that the new generation begins.

1 In the beginning Caligine (God) created the Uranus (heaven) and the Gaia (earth).

2 And the Gaia (earth) was without form, and Chaos (void); and Erebus (darkness) was upon the face of the Tartarus (deep). And the Spirit of Caligine (God) moved upon the face of the Pontus (waters).

3 And Caligine (God) said, Let there be Aether (light): and there was Aether (light).

4 And Caligine (God) saw the Aether (light), that it was good: and Caligine (God) divided the Aether (light) from the Erebus (darkness).

5 And Caligine (God) called the Aether (light) Hemera (Day), and the Erebus (darkness) he called Nyx (Night). And the evening and the morning were the first day.

6 And Caligine (God) said, Let there be a Ourea (firmament) in the midst of the Pontus (waters), and let it divide the Pontus (waters) from the Pontus (waters).

7 And Caligine (God) made the Ourea (firmament), and divided the Pontus (waters) which were under the Ourea (firmament) from the Pontus (waters) which were above the Ourea (firmament): and it was so.

8 And Caligine (God) called the Ourea (firmament) Uranus (Heaven). And the evening and the morning were the second day.

9 And Caligine (God) said, Let the Pontus (waters) under the Uranus (heaven) be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

10 And Caligine (God) called the dry land Gaia (Earth); and the gathering together of the Pontus (waters) called he Oceanus (Seas): and Caligine (God) saw that it was good.

11 And God said, Let the Gaia (earth) bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the Gaia (earth): and it was so.

12 And the Gaia (earth) brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and Caligine (God) saw that it was good.

13 And the evening and the morning were the third day.


The first 8 verses contain the first Greek gods (the order of first appearance matches as well) and it looks like 13 concludes the first cycle…. still working on the second…

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…Calming Effect Of Nature

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…Thoughts generate electrical impulses in the brain. Collectively, these impulses can be measured as electrical signals. The signals are just like a radio transmitter that broadcasts your favorite music.

Humans are not the only transmitters of signals. Plants also generate cell to cell signals. Imagine the signal strength of a forest of trees. All together the signal strength of a forest of trees is much higher than those generated by a single person.

When two signals (or waves) encounter one another… the one with the greatest strength will be the one that retains the most ‘definition’ after the encounter.

Now imagine what happens to the signals generated by a single person when they encounter great signal strength generated by the trees in a forest?

Ever wonder at the calming effect on the mind after a few minutes spent within nature?
Why it occurs or where it comes from?

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