Humanity, Religion & Government… why?

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If we consider the positive practices of each religion i.e.
– forgiveness

– acceptance

– tolerance

– understanding

– love

Why is the majority of what we see, hear and experience the exact opposite regarding interactions of each religion?

Why don’t we see, hear or experience the results of each of the religions coming together to talk, listen, forgive, accept, tolerate, understand and love each other in the knowledge that different does not mean wrong?

Is it the figure heads? Leadership? Maybe it is time we walk away from the leaders of our religions that do not do these things? Maybe it is time we do it ourselves? Maybe this would also change our governments? Maybe this would also change the direction of humanity?


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October 18, 2018 at 8:10 pm

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Packing and Unpacking Information

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Letters… Words… Phrases… Sentences… Paragraphs… Chapters… Books

For the curious person, writing quickly becomes the source of answers and paths to further exploration. One of the difficult, if not most difficult things the curious person faces is extracting meaning from the words written by another person. What is discovered is that the more recent the text the easier it will be for the reader to gain understanding. Inversely, The older a text is, the more challenging it is to gain understanding.

Another difficulty faced is the rarity of a modern text to provide useful information related to where a person’s curiosity leads them. We can give thanks to the modern printing technologies for that jewel. But it is difficulties faced that causes a person to read and ingest large amounts of material across many subject areas and at depth that is available to the person. This is key to the ability to extract understanding from older texts. Which is what will be discussed.

Separating the wheat from the Chafe

The understanding contained in texts like all things can be a benefit and a detriment. How this is decided is based purely on the development of the person who gains the understanding. This development takes place from all of the material read and the time spent in contemplating it and learning to find the correct path through mountains of material. In a sense this is a process of purification for the person who is not deterred by endless disappointment.

Through the process a person begins to see a pattern in the presentation of information. Some writers use beautiful words that give the appearance of poetry. Some speak plainly and precise but with indications of a subject matter that appears unrelated. Realize that this is intentional with a justified purposes that also reflects the passion, understanding and discipline of the writer. Simply, it is another purification process. The next level so to speak. The correct question to ask when realizing this is: “Why?”.

Continuing through this there is still the issue of the text itself. Where to begin? Well, going through the processes highlighted above actually provides what is needed. Depth and breadth of knowledge that is not tethered to negativity in any way. If there is a negative connection to any of the knowledge gained… there is no way forward until moving back to correct the negative association. Greed, Selfishness, Fear etc stops progression in its tracks until it is removed. Of course the correct question to ask here is also: “Why?”

So of the text. To gain the understanding in text a person must have knowledge and the knowledge of Information Packing and Information Unpacking.


Information Packing

In general it is the process of reducing the number of words needed to express information while retaining the principles which the information is based on. Ideally a reduction to principles is as far as words permit. Though imagery may go beyond this limitation.

Once the information has been reduced it is ready to be re-packaged in a form that is more appealing. The method of doing this is by using analogy to replace key words. At this point another method may be applied to insert additional understanding… or guide posts. But this method is dependent on the language of the writer and each deserves more attention than what can be given here.

So, when enough words have been replaced, a metaphorical poem, story or parable can be created from the words. Keep in mind that the sequence of the words is of importance. If it is not maintained, the extraction of understanding may become impossible even for a person who knows how. Though a person who can see beyond the words may be able to extract the understanding in this case. The same reader could also gaining the understanding if the writers sequence is reversed.

This gives an idea of the importance the writer places on ensuring that the understanding is only obtained by a properly prepared reader.


Information Unpacking

This process is much the same as the packing. From the poem, story or parable must be reduced. The method of reduction is started by identifying cause and effects while also noting any other additions to each cause/effects. Once identified the causes, effects and their additions need to be reduced to their simplest concept. After that is completed it is the depth and breadth of knowledge of the reader that will be able to identify what understanding is being given. This knowledge is also the only way the reader will be able to determine if the sequence is correct, reversed or modified in other ways.

Once complete the information unpacked will be very similar to the original the writer used. These methods are also independent of the language of the writer and reader. As long as the sequence is maintained through translation, the information unpacked should be much the same as the writer intended. There are likely other methods that can also be used to ensure this.


So there you have it. This is how one sentence from Plato or Rumi can be unpacked into paragraphs of the readers language. The amount unpacked solely dependent of the depth, breadth and purity of the readers knowledge.









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Art of the Question

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Have you ever asked a question of another person? If you received an answer, was it ‘satisfying’? or did it satisfy your question?

If the answer did not satisfy your question… then it is all a matter of perspective and…
a matter of knowing the answer to your question only comes from within yourself.

First, you have a question. What is your question about?

Once you know what your question is about… think of the subject of your question as a dot or period and in your mind (or paper) draw a circle around it.

Imagine along the circle there are lines of separation creating 360 divisions.

With each of these divisions it is possible to draw a line from the center ‘subject of your question’ to the division on the circle itself.

Each of the divisions are actually a perspective on the subject of your question.

Stated another way… each question is a perspective around the circle marked by one of the 360 divisions.

So, if the answer to your question is not satisfying…

… change your perspective to one of the other 359 perspectives and use another question.

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October 5, 2018 at 6:46 pm

Map for the Egyptian Gods/Goddess

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The image shows the duration in time (of day/year etc) of God/Goddess. It also shows the intensity of influence by the width of the color. In addition, the colors overlap. Indicating the combined influence of two or more Gods/Goddess.

The type of influence is expressed in stories that are written. Stories may be about a single God or multiple Gods. Using both the stories and the graphic a real world meaning is found.

Gods appear in the following sequence:

Ra (12 hours total): 6am through 6pm
Nut (12 hours total): 6pm through 6am
Set: (12 hours total)9am through 9pm
Thoth (12 hours total): 9pm through 9am
Horus (15 hours total): 6am through 9pm
Isis (15 hours total): 12pm through 3am
Osiris (12 hours total): 9pm through 9am

Things of note:

– The tears of Isis cause the Nile to flood (virgo, August-Sept flooding starts)
– Isis causes a serpent to bite Ra to learn his name
– Isis marries Osiris (when there color bands are equal width)
– They have a child named Horus
– Set kills Osiris (middle of Taurus or 9am)
– Horus and Set battle for a long time
– This battle creates a desert (probably around 3pm)

There are more stories involving Thoth and the others.
The ones that stood out the most to me are the ones showing the cyclic relationships of Horus, Isis and Osiris. Those are the stories that describe what a cycle is.

Aspects of the cycle are the stories that describe specific events like the creation of a desert or the death of Osiris. These attributes that are always present as a person travels through the the cycle.



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September 14, 2018 at 11:11 pm

Influencing The Energy of Generation

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Influencing The Energy of Generation

A possible description of the flow of energy, its connection to the components of matter and how it may be influenced.

Based on:


the examples of the patterns of creation of nature, i.e. trees, rivers, circulatory system, population growth, subterrenean metal veins… all things perceived

Examples in nature of resolving high potentials in a similar and opposite manner to that of the high potential: i.e. lightening paths, cancer growth paths, same examples as in (1)

The hypothesis is proposed that the energy that permits, maintains and supplies these patterns of growth and decay is similar and opposite of the physical patterns themselves.

The below suppositions are provided regarding the possible nature of this energy, its environment and behavior. Following the suppositions are described avenues that may provide for affecting changes in the energy.

Sup. 1

All things are governed by the energy pulsation that advances, creates, maintains, withdraws and destroys.

Sup. 2

The origin of supposed energy is at the center.

Sup. 3 

From the origin, the path this energy takes is tapered.

Sup. 4

Though this path is not empty, the contents are not the energy itself.

Sup. 5

The energy moves along the path by pulsing through the contents.

Sup. 6

The decreasing area of the tapered path increases the velocity and pressure of the pulsing energy.

Sup. 7

At the end of the tapered path, a portition of the energy increases the length of the path, the remaining energy is reflected back along the path in the opposite direction.

Sup. 8

The bi-directional energy pulses create standing waves of energy that shift their positions.

Sup. 9

The incremental increases in path length can be obstructed.

Sup. 10

Obstruction in path growth can increase the amount of energy in a standing wave.

Sup. 11

Increased energy of a standing wave can create branch off the primary path. 

Sup. 12

The secondary path provides an additional route for the energy pulses to move through.

Sup. 13

In the same manner the secondary path length can increase, create standing waves as well as generate branches.

Sup. 14

If there is a reduction of energy pulses in the primary path, the primary and secondary path lengths will reduce.

Sup. 15

If there is continued reduction of energy pulses the secondary path length reduces until it is no longer present.

Sup. 16

The furthest point from origin, which is also the smallest area of the path terminates ‘in’ what is recognized as the components of matter.

Sup. 17

The action of termination is the moment a component of matter comes into existence.

Sup. 18
The action of termination requires a potential difference between the tip of the path and the point in what we call space that the component of matter will be be created.

Sup. 19

Where the path tip and space meet generates and sustains a spherical boundary around the path tip.

Sup. 20

The spherical boundary is what is recognized as a component of matter. The region of interaction between space and the energy.

Sup. 21

The existence of a component of matter is governed by attributes of the path and energy that the component is connected to.

Potential methods of affecting change

The following methods are based on creating and applying a high potential to any component of matter. 

The primary variables to consider are those that are included in the class of studies that involves matter the high potential will be applied. 

The variables commonly shared among disciplines… i.e. frequency, amplitude, wavelength etc.

Points of focus regading variables
– amount of energy

– frequency of energy

– rate of apllication

– gradients in appiication of energy

– gradients in the amount of energy

– gradients in rate of application

– gradients in rest periods

Musically attack decay, tempo etc. The majority of variables in one science are also in other sciences, possibly with different names.
By applying the high potential to components of matter, back pressure waves are created along the path, in the direction toward the path origin.

The effect created from this is similar to the effect of pruning a rose bush. The next season the rose bush will have more branches. Which have the potential to produce more roses.

The types of roses that will be generated is dependent on the level of complexity of the component of matter the high potential is being applied to. System vs System Body vs Organism vs Molecule vs Atom vs Proton


It is possible to generate a effect with energy levels greater than the component of matter can manage without destruction.

The manner in which the effect is expressed may or may not be able to be predicted with a high degree of precision or accuracy.

Side notes worthy of additional exploration

A specific thought a person can have involves a pattern of electrical synaptic firing. That can be a seen as the creation of a high potential. Of some of the possible effects generated from this ‘type’ of high potential there are emotion, logic, words, physical action or additional thought or visualization (imagination).

If a government is considered as a ‘mind’, it too should have the capacity of thought. The high potential of thought would also have effects similar to people. The most notable, due to ease of recognition, would be physical action. Entity size and speed of thought/cognition and or physical action maybe worth investigating further.

High potential created from nuclear weapon testing.

High potential created from colliding particles such as with the Large Hadron Collider LHC.

High potential created from mass loss of human life, war, genocide etc.

High potential created from advertisement, news etc.

High potential of Earth obit acting as a pump.

High potential of Lunar orbit acting as a pump.

High potential of Giving.

High potential of Taking.

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Zodiac applied to a World Map

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Using the pyramids of Giza as the representation of the belt of Orion, the zodiac was applied every 30 degrees around the world.

Of note: Taurus points away from the Milky Way galaxy, Scorpio points toward the center of it.



– Currently working on linking and completing the below locations, regions and/or constructions that appear to be related to the associated constellations. The association is in sometimes in shape, idea, event etc..

Aries: India’s North West border and the Northern Himalayan border.

Orion: Egyptian Empire 1400 B.C. – 1500 B.C., club arm reaches over the Mediterranean Sea, shield arm extends up the East Mediterranean coast.

Taurus: Persian empire 490 B.C., The shape of the empire is of horns wrapping around coast line of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The opposite end is the Eastern border of Iran. Between the ‘horns’ there is a volcanic island Thera that experienced a very large volcano eruption in the past. In the constellation there once was a star between the horns that went supernova, now known as the Crab Nebula. There are some countries in the region whose flags resemble horns with a star or stars between them.

Gemini: ??

Cancer: possibly crab fishing off the West coast of Africa?

Leo: Mouths of the Amazon River in Brazil, maybe something else entirely

Virgo: Statue of Liberty, 40.6892° N, 74.0445° W

Libra: possibly Pyramid of the Sun & Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico… maybe Easter Island too

Scorpio: ??

Sagittarius: ??

Capricorn: ??

Aquarius: possibly the Philippines

Pisces: ?? Yin Yang ?? maybe Malaysia or Sumatra and Java


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Esoteric Christmas 360

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The ‘perfect circle’ is consider 360 degrees. Discovering why it is considered perfect is a worth while pursuit.

The sidereal year is 366.24 days.

Christmas, December 25 is for the celebration of the birth of ‘christ’.

Christ = crux = cross… this is the 1st cross

Subtract 6 days from the year and you will end up on December 25. Day 360 of the year.

If 360 is considered ‘perfect’… then we can assume that all ‘days’ beyond 360 are a departure or moving away from perfection.

So that means… currently the orbit of the earth departs from the concept of perfection by 6.24 days.

Now consider the meaning of 666… or 6.66.

6.66 from this perspective would be the furthest point from perfection.

It does not take much research to know where this number is assigned and in what manner it is used and understood.

With that we can see how close the earth is to its furthest point from perfection. 6.66 – 6.24 = 0.42 day

The big question here is… is the earth approaching this point or moving away from it?

The answer would lie with determining if the length of the year is getting longer or shorter.

Currently, the time for 1 rotation of the earth to complete (1 day) is increasing. By 1.7 milliseconds per 100 years.

This increase in rotation results in a reduction of the number of days in a year.

Eventually the current length of sidereal year 366.24 will become smaller, becoming 366.23, 366.22 and so on until we reach 360.

Perhaps it will become less than 360… to the same extent it became higher than 360?

Last side note… the re-birth of christ (cross) is Easter. This is the 2nd cross… There is also a 3rd cross… that relates to Taurus.



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